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Choose Your Pricing Plan for Roller Skating Lessons

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Click on Mini Course tab use Password: sk8likeapro

The first completely comprehensive at your own pace at home progressive rollerskate tutorial system. Over 100 videos in four modules to take a skater from very beginner to spinning and jumping with ease and control!

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  • Stretch Plan

    Stretch Sessions Targeted For Skaters Specific Needs
    • Intro Price Just Stretch
    • There are 8 videos in this module
    • 10 min Stretch, Shin Splint, Legs, Hips,
    • Lower Back, Life Nerve, CatCow, and Cannonball
    • Download and keep the videos forever
  • Rollerdance Package

    20 Different rollerdance moves from Fundamentals- Advanced
    • Includes access to the Stretch Module 28 videos total
    • 10 Tutorials from Fund, 8 from Int, 2 from Adv
    • Skills safe for Beginners to begin to learn
    • Bubbles, T-Stop Position, Plow Stop, Toe Stop
    • dance, Crossing of the foot, Marching in place, Crabwalk,
    • 2 foot pump spin, Moonwalk 3 levels, Dip, Strut Walk,
    • Backward pivot, Forward Pivot, Standing Moonwalk, Fancy fall
    • Inner edge footwork 2 levels
    • all videos are downloadable and yours to keep forever
  • Fundamentals Plan

    Intro Price! Unlock the Foundations of Sk8
    • Stretch Plan Comes Free
    • There are 42 vids in this module
    • Skills Covered:
    • 8 stops,T-stop position, Skate Posture, Falls, Cannonball
    • Getting Up, Bubbles, Outer Forward Edge, Pushers, Strike
    • Skating, Slalom, Hills, Outdoor Skating, Inside Forward Edge
    • Moonwalk, Cross Overs, Crabwalk, Shoot the Duck,
    • Bunny Hop and the Two Foot Pump Spin
    • Download and keep the videos forever
  • Intermediate Plan

    Intro Price! Backwards Skating, Turning, Jumps, and Spins
    • Stretch & Fundamental Plan Comes Free
    • There are 72 videos in this package
    • We will add on Skills:
    • Inner Forward Edge, Outer Back Pushers and Strikes, Turning
    • Waltz Turn, Alternating Edge, Bauer, Spiral, Sexy Strut Walk
    • Cartwheels, 4 Pivot Turns, 180, Dip, Roller Dance Moves
    • Download and keep the videos forever!
  • Advanced Plan

    Intro Price! Learn Spins, Jumps, Crosspulls, and more
    • All Other Plans Come Free
    • There are 114 Videos in this Package
    • Additional skills we will learn:
    • Mastery of all 8 Edges, Transition of Edge, Cross Pulls,
    • 3 Turns, 3 Turn Runs, High Kick, Rolling Straddle, Coffin
    • Penche, Spider Spin, Heel Split Spin, Illusion, 360
    • Toe Stop Spins, Deep Pivots, Waltz Jump, Half Mapes
    • Heel Heel Spin, Toe Toe Spin, and More
    • Download and keep the videos forever!
  • Roller Pole Pro

    4 week Course Rollerskating with Pole Dancing- All Levels
    • 8 Bi-Weekly Hour Long Classes
    • Flexibility, Strength
    • Conditioning, Edge
    • Work, Pole Tricks,
    • Accumulating in Choreographed Routine!

Payment Plans!

Fundamentals + Stretch

$33 down plus $20 a month for 6 months

Intermediate+Fundamentals + Stretch

$33 down plus $32 a month for 6 months


$33 down plus $25 a month for 11 months

You will have access to download and view all the tutorials in the member pages included with your package. All Payment Plans must be manually input. You will receive an email within 48 hrs with log in info. No Refunds you agree to the waiver in the guidebook. Please read it to verify

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