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About Kim & FAQs

When I entered worldclass, I became a professional entertainer with my skates. As a touring performer, I also had decades of experience street skating as a means of transportation. Then I had an "aha!" moment. Sk8 like a Pro, thats what I know and that’s what I want to teach”

Kim Manning is different things to different people. To many, Kim is the "Rollerskating Songstress" who has been singing with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars for a decade. Some as the voice on Atmosphere albums and to others, she is known as "Peaches"from the VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love. An Acrobat, Rollerskater, and Actress Kim has been featured on TV shows such as Strange Angel, Westworld, Stumptown, and live events such as the Grammy awards and Letterman Show


”I created this program for the skate enthusiast who desires to become a master of the art of skating! “

I began skating at 3 years old and competing at 5 years old after spending my entire youth as a champion artistic skater I skated as a professional touring the world as a member of George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic for over a decade. Since then I returned to my skating roots and started my own group of professional rollerskaters the Royal Rollers for TV and live events as well as partnered with World Champion Trey Knight as a circus duo. In 2020 I began teaching skating online thru social media.

Kim starred in Toyota's Olympic Campaign. Other Rollerdancing TV/Film Credits include:
  • Lady Dynomite - Skate Double

  • 2017 and 18 Hollywood Christmas Parade

  • Saturday at Starlight - Stunt Skater

  • Kiiara Messy Video - Lead RollerGirl

  • Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Principal Skater

  • Jimmy Kimmel - Principal Skater

  • Kidding - Principal Skater

  • Valley Girl- Principal Skater

  • Euphoria - Featured Skater

  • American Woman - Featured Skater

  • Bliss - Rollerskater

A champion artistic rollerskater, Kim has been skating since she was 3 and owns her entertainment company Royal Rollers as well as works with Knight Rollers, Moxie Skate Team, and other pro skate groups. Kim and her partner Trey Knight are regular featured acts for Lagunitas Beer Circus as well as Debbie Allen’s Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. Kim also skates in KCT’s Janky Christmas featuring John C Reilly.

Kim Manning Television Appearances

In the role of actor, singer, dancer or P-Funk Allstar, Kim Manning has appeared on theTonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, The BET Silver Anniversary Special and The 46th Annual Grammy Awards. As an actor, Manning has made appearances on Boston Public, The Bernie Mac Show and was known as "Peaches" in the VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love which was viewed by 17 million people.

  • How long will the program take?
    This is a completely comprehensive program. Each module is designed to take months if not years to master. To get from very beginner to advanced control of an edge could take up to 7 years or even more. It could take less with copious practice time or prior athletic background. Everyone moves at their own pace.
  • Should I wear safety gear?
    Please wear what ever safety gear makes you feel confident. Wrist guards are recommended for beginners and those attempting new tricks. Never skate faster than u can control a stop and never skate before u have practiced falling. Never try a trick until you can control the edges required for that trick
  • Do I need special skates?
    Start with whatever skate you have. As u go thru the program I will talk about equipment options.
  • How long will I have access to the videos?
    Forever. You will be able to download them and keep them on any device to take to practice wherever you go.
  • Can I upgrade to more advanced modules later?
    Yes there is a buy option in the module video page that will allow you to upgrade when you are ready.
  • I’ve already been skating for 3 years can I skip to the advanced?
    No, much of what is taught in the advanced program is dependent on techniques taught in the fundamentals and intermediate courses. To move forward without watching, understanding, and mastering the techniques in those videos could be both confusing and dangerous. You must be able to do the required elements to move forward regardless for your own safety. Experienced skaters might move faster thru the modules. Please refer to the pdf book for required elements. I will be putting out indiviual videos for sale that I feel are safe for skaters to attempt even if they have not finished the prior modules.
  • Are the videos lectures or exercises to practice?
    They are a combination of both. Most videos I explain and give several exercises to do to practice in a progressive manner. There are a few videos that are demonstrations. I interrupt myself for a skate safety lecture as it comes up naturally within the lesson. There are also real time 1 hr practice sessions.
  • How long is each video
    Full length and comprehensive each video is average 20 min long. Within that I give you hours of exercises to practice and different levels to progress to meaning you may stop the video and come back to it when you are ready to progress to the next exercise. You can see the length of each video by clicking on the video list or by referring to pdf guidebook.
  • Is this guided, is there an order?"
    The program is designed for you to go at your own pace but within each module. Any exercise that also has feet listed must be done on foot first as this is where I give most the information and the safest way to progress. You can not move forward to another module until you have the required elements to do so. Within each module there is a natural order listed in the book, but you are also able to work on what interests you on that practice day as long as you can do the required elements written or said verbally in the video. You should find yourself coming back to videos and moving around. Some videos you may watch only to learn and then a few months return to try to put into practice. You will continue to work on foundations no matter how experienced you are so you may find yourself going back to reference older videos or find a practice from an earlier module. The advanced program has a little bit more of an order and I list the required elements needed at the beginning of those videos. For example. U must have waltz jump before doing a combo with it, or both three turns before trying a three turn run. The stretch module you will use at your own pace through the program and hopefully the rest of your life.


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