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Unlock The Keys to Skating

Roller Skating Lessons Online & in Los Angeles

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Hi, I’m Kim Manning


I began skating at 3 years old and competing at 5. After spending my entire youth as a champion artistic skater, I skated as a professional touring the world as a member of George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic for over a decade. Since then I returned to my skating roots and started my own group of professional rollerskaters, the Royal Rollers for TV and live events, as well as partnered with World Champion Trey Knight as circus stunt duo. In 2020 I began teaching skating online thru social media and have amassed 60,000 followers on Instagram, 110,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest, and over a million views on my own #sk8likeapro on Instagram and Tik Tok. For more information about me and FAQ check the about page.


Welcome Skaters!

Get ready to master elements to skating in a progressive order to maximize safety and control.


This exclusive program is broke into three modules with an additional Stretch Module. The three modules must be mastered in order with required elements fulfilled before moving on. Many experienced skaters without formal training will find skating on an edge and skate terminology new concepts so therefore must start at the fundamentals.

The program in whole is over 100 videos averaging 20 mins each. Over 30 hours total of instruction and exercises

 each module covers three categories: Skating and Edge Mastery, Spins and Jumps, and Rollerdance. Please check out the PDF book for course outline.  You can also download and keep it for practice.

Are you ready to unlock the secret to rollerskating?!

It’s a technique
There are tools
Sk8 Like a Pro

The first completely comprehensive, at your own pace, at home progressive based rollerskate tutorial system .  114 videos, in four modules to take a skater from very beginner to spinning and jumping with ease and control. I bring decades of training and professional experience to coach you through the mastery of the wheels.

Are You Ready To Sk8 Like A Pro? Join the Program

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This program incorporates decades of technical and professional experience that is enhanced with my own twists from being a circus artist, contortionist, ice skater, rollerblader, dancer, and also kundalini yoga instructor.

Address. 5042 Wilshire Blvd #18353
Los Angeles, CA, 90036

password: sk8likeapro

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